Is There Anything Better than Rosé? Yup. Organic Frosé.

Wine / June 20, 2017 / No Comments.


It started as Rosé.

Then it turned into Frosé.

And now it’s USDA Organic, gluten-free, vegan, GMO-free, and kosher Frosé thanks to Kelvin Slush.

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  • 5 Reasons Why We Drive Our Dads To Drink

    Featured Story / June 16, 2017 / No Comments.


    Dad. Father. Pops. Daddy. Papa. Daddio. Whatever other weird name you call your dad- he deserves some extra appreciation this week. Between the ups and downs of taking care of us, we put our dads through a lot. And while there are many, many reasons why we drive our dads to drink, we’re going to narrow it down to five.

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    Ice Cubes That Are Everything But Boring

    Cocktails / June 15, 2017 / No Comments.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.49.31 PM

    My girlfriend and I were planning our first visit to her family’s home in another state. In preparation, girlfriend’s mom called girlfriend to ask what kind of things I like, so she could stock up and make it a comfortable visit for me. Very sweet of her. My girlfriend’s answer was … ice.

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    Upgrade Your Signature Cocktail

    Cocktails / June 8, 2017 / No Comments.


    It takes some time to cultivate your personal taste in alcohol. It requires patience, wise decision making, and a lot, a LOT, of experimentation (AKA- branching out at a bar and ordering a fancy cocktail that tastes, well, like sh*t). But once you do, it becomes that much easier to find the drink that speaks to you. Your signature cocktail.

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    This Is The Best Beer Can of Summer

    Beer / June 7, 2017 / No Comments.

    Sorry, Budweiser. Yes, you managed to somehow up the American ante, which I didn’t think was possible after you made cans that literally replaced your brand name with “America” last summer. But you did it. Now they’re camo-colored too. (What happens if you put it down in the grass to throw a Frisbee? You’ll never find it again.) But Bud, you do not have the coolest-looking beer of the summer.

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    Narragansett’s Ultimate Summer Guide

    Beer / June 1, 2017 / No Comments.

    The temps are rising and the days are getting longer. Time to start planning your first summer beach day. Narragansett’s Ultimate Summer Guide makes it easy. It covers everything from packing the perfect cooler to scoping the best spot on the beach to shucking oysters like a pro. These tips are the key to having a true Rhody summer.

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    Save the Neighborhood Bar

    Featured Story / May 31, 2017 / No Comments.


    Down the street from where I live, there’s a neighborhood bar.

    It’s the kind of bar where there’s always an interesting mix of characters (and sobriety levels). It’s the kind of bar you stop into for one last drink on the way home from a fancier place. It’s the kind of bar that serves food of the microwaved-frozen-appetizer variety. It’s the kind of bar you’re surprised has a website, but not surprised when said website prominently features a New Year’s 2014 video.

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